FParsec: Palette

At last, the single page reference to both FParsec and FParsec-Pipes that you've been waiting your whole life for. FParsec is an amazing parser combinator library for F# written by Stephan Tolksdorf (and based on Haskell's Parsec). Learning it means holding quite a lot of different function names in your head, so here's an attempt to provide a single page cheat-sheet.

Single Char Parsers

Numeric Parsers

Direct String Parsers

Composite String Parsers

Whitespace Parsers

Chaining Parsers

Sequence Parsers

Optional Parsers

Backtracking Parsers

Conditional Look Ahead Parsers

Error Messaging Parsers

State Handling Parsers

FParsec Pipes

FParsec Pipes is an independent extension to FParsec, written by Robert Peele. It adds some new operators and combinators that make it (arguably) more intuitive to translate a grammar into a parser. The documentation for Pipes is actually pretty concise, but I wanted a single page reference to both libraries so I've documented some of it below.

Default Parsers

Parsers For Types


Repeats and Separations